The Gamespy Debriefings - The father of the Comedy Button

The Gamespy Debriefings was the predecessor to the Comedy Button. It began sometime in 2007. Will Tuttle , Ryan Scott , Anthony Gallegos , Brian Altano , Brian Miggles , and Scott Bromley all appeared on this podcast. Ryan first appeared on Episode 82, and Scott appeared first on 119. Between them, the other core 3 became fixtures on the podcast. After 119, the Era of Scott began.

The Era of ScottEdit

From Episodes 119-170, some of the greatest comedic gold ever said by man was created. After Brian Miggles left the show, the show got nothing but better. Over the course of these 51 episodes, GSD rose from their spot at the botton of the IGN podcasts to surpassing even Game Scoop at the number 1 slot. Some of the best episodes are 142, 144, 170, 155, 166, 161, 157, 156, 146, and 132. Please note, these are not the only good episodes. There are basically no bad episodes.

The BoozocolypseEdit

The Boozocolypse is a tradition started with Scott and Brian jokingly asking for horrible booze. The fans decided to send the worst booze they could find and Episode 142 of GSD became the first Boozocolypse. Episode 170, the last episode, was the second. Episode 33 of the Comedy Button was the third Boozocolypse, also known as Wine Eleven.

The End Edit

By Episode 170, Scott had been hit by a round of layoffs at IGN and Ryan had left Gamespy of his own accord. This meant that making the podcast with the Core 4 would be more difficult or impossible. The Kickstarter for the Comedy Button was launched and reached its $6,000 goal in less than 2 hours. And thus, the Comedy Button we know and love was born.