Scott Bromley drinking manly drinks

Scott Bromley is the comedic leader of the podcast. He also appeared on the Nintendo Voice Chat, Retronauts, the XO Podcast, Three Red Lights, Tech Fetish, the Geekbox, Rebel FM, and Podcast Beyond. He wrote for IGN, Kids WB, Cartoon Network, and Current TV and was the Community Manager of He currently works as a writer for Lucasfilm.

Known ForEdit

Scott is known for his catchphrases "What's going on Internet?" and "How's it going?" . Scott used to be fat, but lost the weight through what he called "excercise anorexcia". He lost hair in the process and has developed a "gunt". Back when Scott was fat, he appeared on the game show The Price is Right. Click here for the video. The Comedy Button uses his apartment as a home base. 


Scott has a encyclopia worth of knowledge about obscure pop culture. This expands from the 80's until the present. Scott went to art college, or "cartoon college" as he calls it, for 4 years, but hasn't used the degree yet. However, animation still interests him.