Jim Scott is the father to Comedy Button host, Ryan Scott. A natural-born badass, he was joked about on the show for years until Ryan decided to bring a field recorder home for the holidays and recorded an interview with his dad. Here are some of the crazy-ass facts we learned from this interview:

  • He was kicked out of high school for bringing a gun into class to kill his leathercraft teacher. We wish we were making it up, but it's true.
  • After said incident, he tried getting into another High School, but they wouldn't let him in. They literally turned him around and said "You can't come to school here either."
  • He has two quotes that he aspires to: "I don't know nothing, I don't owe nothing, I don't own nothing, I don't want nothing, so I'm perfectly happy." "Profanity is the last refuge of an inarticulate motherfucker, and that's me."
  • He had a friend named Pahoo who was a silent Indian. Pahoo would stab the first guy that tried to make contact with Jim or any of his friends, then complain about losing his knife inside of someone.
  • He never considered himself a chick magnet, but he did say he was good at "Kissin' and shit."
  • He won a drag race against the chief-of-police.
  • His best fight was when he knocked people out at the Fresno Barn.
  • His worst fight is when he accidentally let someone get up after knocking them down.
  • His response to being the time he got the most drunk: "Like a lizard. I mean, I used to get my dick in the dirt."
  • Unlike Ryan, Jim isn't afraid to try new and different things.
  • He considered Ryan's inability to drive on 17 to be "common sense."
  • His response to 'why did you never teach Ryan how to ride a motorcycle?' "OH MY GOD! Two wheels instead of four, forget it."
  • Despite being the son of a man-baby, Jim is still proud of Ryan.