Greg Tarascio with some artsy lens flare on the side

Greg Tarascio is one of the $1000 Kickstarter donors. He was the first to appear on the show. He and the group went to the decrepid Great America. He currently works as an airplane mechanic and as the host of Suck My Podcast.

Known ForEdit

Greg is most known for the story of his Crazy Uncle Joe. Joe was his grandfather's brother and fucking insane. When Joe found someone breaking into his house, he decided to exact revenge. Joe hit him with the van. Then, Joe went into his garage, got his chainsaw, and cut off the would-be robber's legs. Joe then served an undisclosed amount of years in prison. Joe is deceased, back in 2012 (episode 41).  Joe was also known for hiring a mexican sidekick who chained his welder underneath his car after it was almost stolen.

Greg is also known, as of Episode 100, for having a young son.